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Fluicell’s ambition is to empower researchers to push the bounds of science for the benefit of human health. We strive to provide state-of-the-art microfluidic platforms and research solutions across bioprinting and single-cell biology. Under the Lab-on-a-tip® umbrella, we have gathered all our instruments, accessories and consumables that will help you create an efficient laboratory workflow and to accelerate progress towards your next discovery.

Bioprinting platforms

Reasearcher in front of the Biopixlar 3D bioprinting platform, controlling the instrument using a gamepad. Biopixlar is part of Fluicell's lab on a tip portfolio.


Fluicell’s 3D single-cell bioprinting platform Biopixlar lets you create detailed tissues with high precision and resolution without using any bioink. Biopixlar lets you place cells right where you want them directly in culture media. The single-cell microfluidic bioprinting technology enables high cell viability and efficient cell-to-cell communication.

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Close-up image showing the Biopixlar AER printhead and printhead holder. The tip of the printhead is submerged in cell culture media. Biopixlar AER is part of Fluicell's lab on a tip portfolio

Biopixlar® AER

Biopixlar AER brings you the power of Fluicell’s single-cell bioprinting technology in a compact format. Biopixlar AER is an easy-to-use 3D bioprinting platform that fits into your fume hood or biosafety cabinet. Biopixlar AER is designed for easy workflow integration, bringing bioprinting to to where you need it.

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Single-cell biology platforms

Researcher using the BioPen single-cell microfluidic platform using the tablet software. BioPen is part of Fluicell's lab on a tip portfolio


BioPen is an easy-to-use microfluidic platform for high-precision single-cell solution delivery. BioPen lets you control the cell microenvironment without moving or disturbing the cells. The low sample consumption makes BioPen ideal for experiments using scarce or valuable materials. Deliver what you want, when you want it, where you want it.

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Biozone 6®

Biozone 6 is a new concept for direct single-cell pharmacology from Fluicell that lets users generate dose-response curves or study the effects of multiple drug compounds in an intuitive way, directly on individual cells. With Biozone 6, you can study up to six different compounds or concentration levels on single-cell level, without taking the cells out of their native environment. Biozone 6 is built for the high quality standards in pharmaceutical research.

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Someone using the Dynaflow Resolve System

Dynaflow® Resolve

Dynaflow Resolve is an ion channel screening platform for your existing patch-clamp setup that offers solution exchange at unsurpassed speed, control, and flexibility.

The system allows for recording of any ion channel current in any patch-clamp recording configuration. You can use all type of cells and all kinds of compounds that are required for your successful experiments.

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Unlock the full potential of your cell biology, electrophysiology or bioprinting laboratory setup using Fluicell’s range of high-quality accessory products, including solutions for experiment preparation, fluidic control and precise translational positioning and control.

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Create an efficient laboratory workflow using Fluicell’s consumable products for bioprinting and single-cell biology. All products are produced in-house at Fluicell and undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure the best possible performance.

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