A bioprinted multicellular liver model


The date for the webinar with Fluicell CSO Dr. Tatsiana Lobovkina on the use of Biopixlar in creating biologically relevant in vitro liver models has now passed. Please sign up to get access to a recorded version.

AbstractUnderstanding liver function is a key part in finding new treatments for liver diseases and for toxicology research, especially in the context of drug-induced liver toxicity. To achieve better understanding, biologically relevant cell-based models of liver function are of great importance. With Biopixlar, it is possible to created multi-cellular in vitro models in 3D with detailed cellular architecture that significantly improves hepatocyte physiological response compared hepatocyte monocultures. In this presentation, you will learn how the unique Biopixlar technology in a simple way allows researchers to create functional in vitro models with single-cell precision.

Keywords: In vitro liver model, 3D cell culture, bioprinting, single-cell, tissue model

  • Find out more about how you can create functional in vitro liver models using Biopixlar.